Peter Paulissen, master in the essence of life. He has made it his life’s work to help clients and students all over the world understand the true essence of life. He teaches them to discover their true selves and to dig deeper than their superficial thought patterns.

Through his years and years of study and his extensive experience in the practice of various disciplines within the field of medicine, Peter Paulissen has become the pre-eminent expert in his field. He travels around the world supporting his clients and training therapists and doctors to become the best versions of themselves.

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11/02/2021 – 25/02/2021 –  MASTERCLASS Quantum Living – Are you ready to become what you came here to be?

Peter Paulissen Academy

Discover your true self during a private coaching session!


Peter Paulissen’s passion is clear and powerful – working on the well-being of humans and the planet. He does this by supporting clients and students along their own paths of self-development. Peter has achieved mastery in the essence of life!

During a private coaching session with Peter Paulissen, you will gain insight into the way your personality is put together.

Be inspired by Peter Paulissen and, in addition to understanding your personality, discover who you really are. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!


A new way of looking at myself!

Peter’s Master Class encouraged me to look at my life from the standpoint of an observer. My ego was exposed in a loving manner, which allowed me to gain an even better understanding of the world of concepts and identifications. I realised that I mainly lived my life from the cramped and stressed attic room in my head and that I almost never entered the most beautiful rooms in my being. I noticed, after a while, that when you dare to accept opinions and identifications about yourself without judgement and when you start ‘doing something by doing nothing’, consciousness manifests itself on its own. I understand that my goals, like a better job and a higher income, are identifications or concepts which do not offer fulfilment but, in fact, hold me back from myself.

Aenne (37 y/o)

A journey to my original self!

I see Peter’s training as a journey to my original self. This journey allowed me to relive many moments in my life. Joyful moments as well as sorrowful ones. And as a result of Peter’s guidance, I know that I am not these moments.

Aenne (37 y/o)

My life has totally changed!

With Peter as my coach, my life has totally changed. So much more happened than just the words we used during the session. Peter is the master that many people are looking for. He can truly reach a person’s core. It’s hard to put into words, but it is such a relief... such an immensely fantastic feeling! Truly unique.

Sanne (50 y/o)

He knows how to convey these ideas like no one else can!

Peter Paulissen is a congenial teacher and an expert at conveying information! Because of his experience as a therapist, he knows, like no other, how to explain the course material using just the right examples. This makes the information quick and easy to grasp.  It goes without saying that he treats his students with respect. He makes contact with the students and actively involves them in the course material. Listening to the Peter Paulissen Academy training courses is fascinating.

Liesbeth (26 y/o)

Peter is a gift to yourself!

Peter truly goes the extra mile. Peter’s speciality is that he very specifically offers you precisely what you can use, without giving the ego the opportunity to intervene. Since working with Peter, I have experienced a calm within myself and I feel more powerful in the choices that I make. The world and my day-to-day relationships are now clearer than ever before! That means that I have much more energy left over for myself and for my own process.

Jannemarie (35 y/o)

What an experience!

During the two-day Master Class, I really felt quite confused and shaken up... but in a good way! I never anticipated that this weekend would have such an incredible impact on me. This was truly the first time I had experienced this and I surrendered all control. Fantastic!

Melanie (28 y/o)