Peter Paulissen Academy


Peter Paulissen’s passion is clear and powerful – working on the well-being of humans and the planet. He does this by supporting clients and students along their own paths of self-development. Peter has achieved mastery in the essence of life!

Peter Paulissen started his career by studying physiotherapy and Western and Eastern medicine. He has also studied numerous forms of complementary medicine, including Postural Integration, BOCAM therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, the Enneagram, and orthomolecular therapies. He has immersed himself in Advaita/Vedanta and in the teachings of the Fourth Way (G.I. Gurdjieff).

To round out his traditional training, he then went on to study Humanistic psychology, Psycho(path)ology, and Integrative psychology full-time. For over 25 years now, Peter Paulissen has had a medical practice where he successfully uses functional-, energetic-, and information-medicine techniques in the service of the patient.

In addition to all this, he also frequently practices his other great passion, teaching. He teaches courses in medicine and psychology, acupuncture, Advaita/Vedanta, and the Enneagram. Peter Paulissen has also been an internationally renowned trainer in Bio-Energetic medicine since 2014. Peter Paulissen also travels around the world training therapists and doctors to be their best versions of themselves.

Peter’s objective for the Peter Paulissen Academy is to create a space where people are allowed to discover their true selves and to delve deeper than their superficial thought patterns! This way, he enriches his clients, his students, and everyone who comes into contact with him.

Peter Paulissen Academy

Discover your true self!


The master in the essence of life teaches you to discover your true self and to delve deeper than superficial thought patterns.

Through his years and years of study and his extensive experience in the practice of various disciplines within the field of medicine, Peter Paulissen has become the pre-eminent expert in personality development.

He travels around the world supporting his clients and training therapists and doctors to become the best versions of themselves.