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Quantum Living – Are you ready to become what you came here to be?

maart 11 @ 20:00 - 22:00 CET

Do you ever question yourself who you are or what you really want? Or did you always know there was more to your life but you could not quiet pinpoint what? Or have you always had the desire to make a difference in this world, but you don’t know where to start?  

These monthly webinars are designed to provide clarity on all those fundamental life questions. It is designed to take you to the next level of your life. It is designed to make you remember your true self and your potential. It is designed to wake you up to all that is. 

Instead of dwelling in your beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are continuously holding you back to live the life you want, you will gain clarity on where they are coming from and how this cycle can be broken. The webinars will first provide an understanding in your personality structure – your ideasthoughts and behaviour. These unconscious patterns will be unmasked and become visible.  

Once realized, a gateway to a life lived from authenticity will open and this is only the beginning. You will be able to see through your personality and beyond. Choices will be made from authenticity and you will realize what you came here to be. You will live life with ease, clarity and unconditional love for all.  

Eventually you will be able to embody your true essence more deeply. This quantum shift transforms the entirety of your reality. Your potential will flower effortlessly. Much more will be possible for you that is impossible to understand with your thoughts now. You will go beyond the world of suffering and will see the world, including yourself, as a whole. All of its intelligence will be channelled through your actions and you become bliss itself.  

Peter Paulissen will guide you in this journey through his years of experience in coaching and teaching. He will bridge topics of psychology, esotericism, mysticism and quantum physics. Embark on this journey with himhave faith in what is possible for you, and watch yourself and the rest of the world around you change. 

It is time for humanity to wake up to its true nature and for our societies to reflect that. This starts with YOU. 

Some topics you can expect to be discussed: 

  • What is your personality and how does it limit you – ”The Enneagram”
  • Exploring the ”Quantum Field” 
  • Living life from authenticity  
  • What you truly are – ”Essence”  
  • Truly healing yourself and others  
  • ”The Absolute” 
  • Homework to integrate this all into your being

Two Thursdays a month (next: 25th of March, 8th and 22th of April 8pm CET / 7pm UK / 11am PST)
Where? Via Zoom
Costs? 99 euro/month or 237 euro (79 euro per month when booked for 3 months)


maart 11
20:00 - 22:00 CET




Peter Paulissen Academy
+32 476 52 38 57